1zimmerapartment Debut: Eternelle EP

1zimmerapartment released their first EP:
ETERNELLE – a Cataclysm Trilogy

In Earth’s history, natural desasters always made room for something else, something new. The bigger the catastrophe, the better – so to speak. Sometimes those major devastating events lead to the creation of a whole new species, the beginning of a whole new era. They are the driver of evolution.

The universe is full of repeating patterns – sequences, for the music enthusiasts. Taking the microcosmos-macrocosmos-anology into consideration (i.e. the structural similarity between the human being and the cosmos as a whole), it is the law of nature, that human tragedy leads to self-evolvement. Failure as an opportunity for personal growth.

There’s a dark valley in front of you? Walk it through, there is no way around it anyways. Just keep your last box of matches from getting wet and keep moving. After the darkness comes the dawn.